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A gender therapist discusses the question, "How do I know if I'm transgender?" A good explanation of the "spectrum" idea. There is no "one" way to be transgender. Everyone is different, and at their own spot on the gender spectrum. That's why we see individuals all over the spectrum and struggling to achieve balance in their lives. It can be a wonderful process and journey, full of meaning and beauty and joy, but also challenge, frustration and loss. Hey, that sounds just like the "Hero's Journey," right? There you go!

The great British comedian, John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) discusses "super sensitive people," of whom he says "If people can't control their own emotions, then they will try to control other people's behavior." And... "you never know what's going to upset them next. The concept of 'political correctness' has been taken from a good idea, that being let's not mean to other people. That's a good idea. To the point where any kind of criticism of any individual or group can be labeled cruel. With that goes a sense of proportion." He's talking about comedy here, but the same goes for other types of interactions where some "super sensitive" person (or persons) gets upset about something that was never meant to hurt them, and then turns upon an otherwise innocent party. Let's not be that "super sensitive person," and be so eager to play the victim. Instead, let's nuture our sense of self-worth, and stand ever stronger in our own values and virtue. You have friends, right here, that will help you with that. Together, let's strongly oppose situations where there is true bigotry, injustice, intention to hurt, or, certainly, violence. But let's not turn on our would-be friends and allies, and certainly not our own fellow trans people (as has happened to Caitlyn Jenner, as well as GASS itself) just because the world isn't exactly the way you want it to be right at this moment.

About the Golden Globe-winning, Amazon smash-hit "Transparent."

Not exactly about being trans, but being different in general... and bullied for it. Hang in there, kids. You are not alone! Be the hero of your own story! SURVIVE... and watch the magic happen.

Promo video for the transgender TV series, "The Switch."

Mark up another Academy Award for films featuring transgender characters. In 2014 Jay Leto won 'Best Supporting Actor' award for his portrayal of Rayon in Dallas Buyer's Club. Here he talks about the role.

Jazz, a transgirl, explains her perspective on life so far.

Dustin Hoffman talks about the making of "Tootsie," and how we are all brainwashed to seek outer beauty over inner beauty.

Ash Beckham in Boulder, CO describes what's so yesterday about "so gay."

Human Rights Campaign "Visibility" Winner Lana Waschowski steps fully into the role of role model: One Totally Cool and Totally Happy Transperson.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has the last word on human rights. The time has come!

"Two Spirits," Native American ideas of a "many gendered world." Sooooooo much more spiritual, nuanced and biologically/psychologically accurate than the binary paradigm. Watch the full documentary here:

AHO! With Harry Potter on our side... look out Voldemorts of the realm of bigotry and intolerance.

A Brief Introduction to Transgender Theory (for those who just don't get it)

LGBT issues in the workplace. Hang in there. And don't be surprised if you have more support than you imagine.

Stephen Colbert discusses being bullied and being called "Queer." Don't give power to hurtful words.... especially if they are true.

Chaz Bono comes out... and into power and happiness.

Reverend Xylophone asks: Who and what are you... within the emerging gender multiplicity? Questions to ponder.

A Little Theory about Androgynes... and Deep Grammar. What?? Interesting thoughts and individual.

How did you decide to be transgender? Cadence Caliber, fresh from FFS, says don't succumb to fear. You can do it. If you want to.